Commerzbank Hong Kong

Commerzbank Hong Kong

The Commerzbank Hong Kong, a branch of the German-based Commerzbank AG, is a financial institution registered in the Hong Kong region that provides essential banking and financial services to foreign travellers and expatriates with a particular focus on Germany.

Active in Hong Kong since 1979, Commerzbank provides the best available access to services for German companies and international companies that do business in Germany.

Commerzbank Hong Kong - Head Office

Additionally, Commerzbank offers a full suite of corporate and investment banking services. These include essential products like Risk Management, Investments, and Foreign Services.

Commerzbank Hong Kong Head Office

  • 15th Floor, Lee Garden One
    33 Hysan Avenue
    Causeway Bay
    Hong Kong

Postal Address

  • G.P.O. Box 11378
    Hong Kong SAR

Commerzbank Hong Kong Contact

  • Tel: +852 39 88 09 88
  • Fax: +852 39 88 09 00

Commerzbank Hong Kong on the map

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