DZ Bank (ex. WGZ Bank)

WGZ Bank

WGZ Bank (West German Cooperative Central Bank) was the central bank of the approximately 200 cooperative banks in the Rhineland and in Westphalia. The bank has the head office in Dusseldorf and maintains offices in Koblenz and Münster (Westphalia).

Besides its function as a central bank WGZ Bank provided business and commercial banking for corporate clients and capital market partners.

In 2016, WGZ Bank was merged into DZ Bank, the central institute of co-operative banks in all other parts of Germany.

DZ Bank (ex. WGZ Bank) Head Office

  • Headquarters Münster
    Sentmaringer Weg 1
    48151 Münster

DZ Bank (ex. WGZ Bank) Contact

  • Tel: 0251 / 4905-0
  • Fax: 0251 / 4905-5555

DZ Bank (ex. WGZ Bank) SWIFT Code

WGZ Bank code: 300 600 10

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