Hong Leong Finance Singapore

Hong Leong Finance Singapore

Hong Leong Finance is a financial services division of the Hong Leong Group, a global company specializing in the development of real estate, hotel services, financial services, commerce, and industry.

Hong Leong Finance began offering financial services in 1961, starting with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and today offering a line of products and services over the years to meet the financial needs of both individuals and the business community.

Hong Leong Finance Office


Hong Leong Finance is currently the largest financial company in Singapore with a network of 28 branches across the island. A wide range of products and services includes time deposits and savings, mortgages and mortgages, car loans, and capital financing.

Hong Leong Finance Singapore Head Office

  • 16 Raffles Quay,
    #01-05, Hong Leong Building,
    Singapore 048581

Hong Leong Finance Singapore Contact

  • Tel: 6415 9118
  • Fax: 6222 8790

Customer Service Centre:

  • Hours: 8.45 am to 6.00 pm, Mon – Fri (except public holidays)
  • Tel: 6579 6777
  • Fax: 6227 9963

SME Financing, Share Financing, Vehicle Financing, Property Financing:

  • Hours: 8.45 am to 6.00 pm, Mon – Fri (except public holidays)
  • Tel: 1800 338 8338
  • Fax: 6324 6716

Share Loans/Credit Plus:

  • Tel: 6415 9370
  • Fax: 6227 9496

Hong Leong Finance Singapore SWIFT Code

  • Hong Leong Finance, Singapore branch: HLFBMYK1 XXX

Hong Leong Finance Singapore on the map

Hong Leong Finance Singapore Branches

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