Bankinter Portugal

Bankinter Portugal

Bankinter acquired the retail business in Portugal from Barclays for 86 million euros, having started its operation in the Portuguese market in early April 2016 with the change of image of the façades of the old Barclays branches, in a remodeling that covered 84 branches all over the country. The full integration of the banking business took place until the end of 2016.

The purchase of Barclays in Portugal by Bankinter, in addition to the retail business, includes life and pension insurance, which was acquired by Bankinter Seguros de Vida for 75 million euros.

Products and services for Individuals

For daily management, Bankinter offers the Most Ordered Account for those who want to domicile their salary, pension or retirement (values ​​above 800 € on average); Regular account with maintenance costs charged to the quarter; B Teen account for anyone aged 17 or under; and the Minimum Banking Services Account with reduced costs.

In mortgage loans, the bank has bet on low spreads and has a wide range of options that includes traditional credit, reduced installments, residual value, and additional financing. Bankinter also provides personal credit lines to its customers with an account.

In the savings segment, the offer varies between Deposits: Term Ratio, Term More Ratio, Net Welcome, Net, Special Foreign Currency and Investment Account.

In addition to the Bankinter Electron debit card, the bank has credit cards available:

  • Classic BK
  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Platinum.


Bankinter Portugal Head Office

Avenida do Colegio Militar, n.° 37-F, 13° Piso,
Torre Oriente, 1500-180, Lisbon, Portugal

Coporate Sul
Praça Marquês de Pombal, n.º 13 Piso 1, 1250-162 Lisboa
Telephone: 211 159 421
Fax: na
Email: na

Centro de Empresas Lisboa
Address: Estrada de Benfica 422A, 1500-102 Lisboa
Telephone: 217 720 010
Fax: 217 720 011

Premier Expo Center
Address: Av. D.João II, n.º 25 C 1990 – 079 Lisboa
Telephone: 211 155 670
Fax: 211 155 671

Corporate Norte
Address: Pr. Mouzinho de Albuquerque 173 – 2º, 4100-360 Porto
Telephone: 226 059 724
Fax: 226 059 702

Porto Business Center
Address: Pr. Mouzinho de Albuquerque 173-2º, 4100-360 Porto
Telephone: 226 059 724
Fax: 226 059 702

Aveiro Business Center
Address: Av. Dr. Lourenço Peixinho 160, 3800-161 Aveiro
Telephone: 234 004 555
Fax: 234 004 559

Centro de Empresas Minho
Address: Av. D. João IV, n.º 43, 4810-531 Guimarães
Telephone: 253 002 655
Fax: 253 002 641

Bankinter Portugal Contact

Phone number: +351 239 488 140

Call center (from abroad): +351 21 111 23 46
from Portugal: 707 50 50 50

Bankinter Portugal SWIFT Code

Laa Branches in Portugal: BKBKPTPL

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