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Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong

Hang Seng Bank is a bank based in Hong Kong, one of the largest banks in the region in terms of market capitalization, part of HSBC Group (62.14%).

The bank has nearly 220 branches in Hong Kong, where over 9,600 employees provide retail banking, wealth management, commercial banking, treasury services, and private banking services.

In 1969 the Hang Seng Bank established the Hang Seng Index, and since then this stock market index is generally known as the primary indicator of the Hong Kong stock market.

Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong - Head Office


The main region of the bank’s activity is in Hong Kong, where it employs 8215 of 10 thousand employees, it accounts for HK $ 1.385 trillion out of HK $ 1.478 trillion in assets, HK $ 47.9 billion out of HK $ 50 billion in revenues.

Hang Seng Bank divisions:


  • Retail Banking and Wealth Management – retail financial services, including current and savings accounts, mortgage lending, insurance, credit card services, and asset management; turnover in 2017 amounted to HK $ 33.6 billion, assets of HK $ 445 billion.
  • Commercial Banking (Commercial Banking) – financial services for companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations; turnover HK $ 10.2 billion, assets HK $ 351 billion.
  • Global Banking and Markets – a limited range of services for large corporations and financial institutions, such as lending, currency exchange, placement of securities; turnover HK $ 5.7 billion, assets HK $ 612 billion.

Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong - Head Office


Hang Seng Bank: Frequently Asked Questions

The current headquarters of Hang Seng Bank is at 83 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.
Customer Relations Mailing Address:
L12, Hang Seng 113, 113 Argyle Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Accordion Sample DescriptionThere are several ways to contact Hang Seng Bank depending on your enquiry:

Personal Banking

  • 24-hour ATM Hotline: (852) 2997 2112

Bank Accounts

  • Private Banking Service Dedicated Line: (852) 2121 1188
  • Prestige Signature Banking: (852) 2998 8022
  • Prestige Banking: (852) 2998 9188
  • Preferred Banking: (852) 2822 8228
  • Integrated accounts and deposit accounts: (852) 2912 3456
  • General Enquiry Hotline (e-Banking, Exchange Rates, Deposit Rates, Gold Prices, Investment, Open API): (852) 2822 0228

Credit Card 24-hour Customer Service Hotline

  • Hang Seng Visa Infinite Card: (852) 2998 8228
  • Hang Seng Prestige World Mastercard / Hang Seng World Mastercard: (852) 2998 8111
  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club Membership Card / The Racing Club Membership Card: (852) 2998 8833
  • Hang Seng Platinum Card: (852) 2998 8222
  • Hang Seng Credit Card / Spending Card: (852) 2398 0000
  • Hang Seng enJoy Visa Platinum Card / Spending Card: (852) 2998 8888
  • Hang Seng enJoy Visa Card: (852) 2998 8188
The Hang Seng Bank's SWIFT Code used for international payments is HASEHKHH
There are several steps to apply for Hang Seng Bank e-Banking:
  1. Go to https://e-banking1.hangseng.com/1/2/newuserregistration
  2. Select your account type
  3. Enter your Phone PIN or ATM Card PIN and then Issue No.
  4. Enter the number of your ID, for example: HKID Card No.: First 7 or 8 characters, e.g. K654321 or AB123456 Macau ID Card No.: The 8 characters including '( )' around the last digit, e.g. A1234567(8) Passport No.: First 12 characters Exit-entry Permit for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macau: First 9 characters.
  5. Select whether it will be Sole Account or Joint Account (you will need to specify existing user no.)
  6. Then, click "Continue"
  7. Create your credentials that will be used to access e-Banking service: User Name (Should be 8-15 alphanumeric characters) First and Second Password (Should be a combination of 8-30 letters and numbers, Do not use any 5-character sequential string) Email Address (Should be maximum 30 characters) Answers of Security Questions (Should be 3-30 alphanumeric characters)
  8. Accept terms and conditions
  9. You're done. Now through e-Banking, you can use the following services: Account Services, P.P Payment Platform, Foreign Exchange, Investment, Insurance, Mortgage, Loans & Overdraft, Card Services, e-Services, MPF Services, ORSO Services, and Customer Services.
Integrated Account
  • Integrated Financial Services, such as Deposit Services, Investment Services, Insurance Services,
  • Hang Seng Personal Loan Service & No-Bounce Cheque/Autopay Protection, AutoSweeping Service,
  • Currency Switching Service, Credit Card Service.
  • Special Offers for Customers Aged under 18
  • Integrated Account Hotlines
  • No below balance fee for an Integrated Account.
Hong Kong Dollar Time Deposit
  • Bonus interest rates
  • Higher interest rate by placing HKD time deposits
  • Minimum time deposit amount as low as HKD10,000
  • Time Deposit terms from 1st day to 5 years
  • Overdraft facility of up to 95% of the time deposit amount
  • Interest payable every month for terms of 18 months to five years with minimum HKD50,000 balance.
Foreign Currency Time Deposit
  • Allow selecting one of 11 foreign currencies: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Renminbi, Swiss Franc, South African Rand, Thai Baht and USD
  • Minimum deposit amount as low as 1,000 units in foreign currency (except Japanese Yen and Thai Baht (100,000 units each), Renminbi and South African Rand (10,000 units each)
  • Deposit terms from 1 week to 5 years
  • Interest payable monthly for 18-36 month terms (minimum 10,000 units in Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, New Zealand Dollar and Pound Sterling) or 18 mo to 5 year USD terms with the minimum balance of USD 10,000.

Hong Kong Dollar Savings / Current Account

  • A selection of HKD Statement or ATM Statement Savings Account
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly fee for ATM Statement Savings Account
  • Monthly interest applied for Statement Savings Account
  • One free Hang Seng Card to access your account 24x7 at more than 1,000 ATMs in Hong Kong
  • Allow converting existing Statement Savings Account into ATM Statement Savings Account without changing the account number
  • Renminbi and US Dollar Current Accounts are also available.
You can apply for a Hang Seng Bank Account using Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app or at any Hang Seng branch through eAppointment.

General Requirements:

  • Aged over 18 and under 65
  • A permanent Hong Kong resident
  • Not a US citizen or tax resident
  • Residing in Hong Kong (with current residential and correspondence address(es) in Hong Kong)
  • Currently located in Hong Kong.

Hang Seng Bank Head Office

  • 83 Des Voeux Road,
    Hong Kong

Hang Seng Bank Contact

Personal Banking Services

  • Customer Service Hotline (Enquiries on Exchange Rates, Deposit Rates, Gold Prices, Credit Card, Mortgage Loans): +852 2822 0228
  • Toll-free Enquiry Hotline for Customers Staying on the Mainland: 4001 20 8282
  • Private Banking Service Dedicated Line: 2121 1188
  • Private Banking Mainland Toll-Free Enquiry Hotline: 4001 20 2121
  • Personal e-Banking Service Hotline: 2822 0228
  • Personal Loan Service Hotline: 2997 3882
  • Hang Seng 24-hour Personal Loan Application Hotline: 2812 8000
  • Remittance Hotline: 2123 1088
  • Card Centre: 2398 0000
  • 24-Hour Report Lost Card Hotline: 2836 0838

Business Banking Services

  • 24-hour Business Partner Direct:
    from Hong Kong: 2198 8000
    from Mainland, Toll-free; 4001 20 8288
  • Commercial Card 24-hour Customer Service Hotline: 2998 8222
  • enJoy Business Card / enJoy Commercial Card Customer Service Hotline: 2998 8888
  • 24-Hour Report Loss Card Hotline: 2836 0838

Hang Seng Bank SWIFT Code

  • Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, all branches: HASEHKHH XXX
  • Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, securities department: HASEHKHHSEC
  • Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, Settlement of CLS Payment: HASEHKHHCLS

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Hang Seng Bank BIC/SWIFT Codes

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