Hellenic Bank Limassol Branches

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All Hellenic Bank Limassol Branches - Contents:

  1. Academias Branch
  2. Agios Georgios Branch
  3. Akrotiri Branch
  4. Araouzou Branch
  5. Makarios III Ave. Branch
  6. Ayia Phylaxeos Branch
  7. Franklin Roosvelt (Port Area) Branch
  8. Gladstonos & Foti Kolakides (District Head Office)
  9. Kato Polemidia (N. Pattichi) Branch
  10. Law Courts Square Branch
  11. Market Area Branch
  12. Mesa Yitonia Branch
  13. Paphos Str. Branch
  14. Potamos Yermasoyias (Old Limassol – Nicosia Rd.) Branch

Academias Branch

Branch code: 259
ATM: yes
17 Spyrou Kyprianou Str., Linopetra
4043, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502837
Fax: 25314985

Agios Georgios Branch

Branch code: 239
ATM: yes
2, Promachon Eleftherias Avenue
4103, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502801
Fax: 25310638

Akrotiri Branch

Branch code: 208
ATM: yes
RAF Station Shopping Centre, Akrotiri
3371, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502810
Fax: 25952588

Araouzou Branch

Branch code: 252
ATM: yes
137 Sp. Araouzos & Anexartisias Str.
3036, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502502
Fax: 25359032

Makarios III Ave. Branch

Branch code: 201
ATM: yes
131 Arch. Makarios Ave. & Ioanni Polemi Str.
3021, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502300
Fax: 25502488

Ayia Phylaxeos Branch

Branch code: 253
ATM: yes
222 Agias Phylas Ave. Corner & Agiou Ilarionos Str., Ayia Phyla
3116, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502510
Fax: 25730181

Franklin Roosvelt (Port Area) Branch

Branch code: 251
ATM: yes
138 Franklin Roosvelt Str.
3011, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502895
Fax: 25573696

Gladstonos & Foti Kolakides (District Head Office)

Branch code: 241
ATM: yes
Corner 52 Gladstonos & Foti Kolakides Str.
3505, Limassol, Cyprus
P.O. Box : 51474
Tel: 25502000
Fax: 25502097

Kato Polemidia (N. Pattichi) Branch

Branch code: 255
ATM: yes
105 Nicos Pattichis Ave., Kato Polemidia 4155,
Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502523
Fax: 25731570

Law Courts Square Branch

Branch code: 243
ATM: yes
Arch. Makarios & Grivas Dighenis Ave. Corner,
Limassol 3105, Cyprus

Market Area Branch

Branch code: 248
ATM: yes
23 Hadjiloizi Michaelidi Str.
3041, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502873
Fax: 25373121

Mesa Yitonia Branch

Branch code: 250
ATM: yes
Arch. Makarios III Ave. & Lena Str.
4003, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502881
Fax: 25753864

Paphos Str. Branch

Branch code: 242
ATM: yes
15 Paphos Str.
3052, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502844
Fax: 25570974

Potamos Yermasoyias (Old Limassol – Nicosia Rd.) Branch

Branch code: 245
ATM: yes
54 George I Str.
4047, Limassol, Cyprus
Tel: 25502863
Fax: 25326121

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